Nefertari (Alicia Thomas, MD, Ph. D)[1] is a member of the Atlanta Guardians. She appears to be married to the Golden Scarab. She is a high level exemplar, and besides her hero career, she's also a geneticist. She was a member of Venus Inc. while at Whateley Academy.

Elaine scrambled around in time to see a woman who resembled the bust of Nefertari come to life make a gesture, and the hostages were surrounded in a dome of softly glowing light.[2]
Nefertari was a beautiful woman of mixed heritage with a lovely cafe au lait complexion and a strong face that could be stern or motherly depending on her expression with a generous mouth that seemed to have been made for that smile she greeted us with. She was dressed in a very smart looking skirt and blouse combo that was both professional and flattering of her remarkable figure.[1]


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