Nemesis is a freshman student at Whateley Academy. She is an Exemplar who is an apparent energy manipulator. Her grandfather died in Tampa Bay during one of Dr. Diabolik's raids; as a result she has a mad-on for She-Beast.[1] Further research revealed that she's an Avatar who got used by some mad scientist in an attempt to create a "Force", but resulted only in a sort of "demi-force."[2]

She's one inch shorter than She-Beast, has a perfect oval face, long red hair and big gray eyes.[1]

Nemesis's costume consists of a bright red long-sleeved skirt-dress with a golden Libra on her chest, a white cape with gold trim, and matching boots and gauntlets, in a look reminiscent of Mary Marvel.[2]

Her behavior in the formal challenge duel with Jadis resulted in serious punishment, including the threat of expulsion.[2]


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