NeoMagus is one of the launch authors of the Whateley Academy Generation 2 project. From his introduction in the Gen2 Announcement:

BIO: NeoMagus brings youthful energy and his own unique talents to the Gen 2 team. A long­time fan of Superhero movies, comics, and gaming, Neo is a relative latecomer to the Whateley universe (he is young, after all), but has helped several fan-fic authors with their work, demonstrating his willingness to be part of a team. Though he's a Louisiana boy at heart, Neo currently lives in Memphis, TN, where he's attending college.
His favorite parts of Whateley? The Outcasts, the Bad Seeds, and the Parkour Hooligans. Neo likes the humor, the emotional depth, the imaginative characters, and the balance of wimsy and reality that the Whateley universe portrays, and hopes his own life experiences and interests will contribute to a strong 2nd Generation team and series of stories. As a younger writer inspired by C.S. Lewis and JRR Tolkien, Neo hopes to help inspire a new generation of aspiring authors. He hopes that the Gen 2 readers will enjoy the fresh character concepts, the different dynamic of a new core group of characters, and a glimpse of the world that's a little more "what the future could be."
To quote ElrodW , "Sometimes, Neo keeps me from running completely off the rails with wild ideas, and sometimes, the two of us are like symbiotes growing plots and schemes of increasing deviousness. He's fun to work with, and the readers are certain to enjoy his contributions to Whateley Gen 2."
On the Gen 2 Project: Greetings, fellow Whateley fans! Though some of you know me well enough by now, the vast majority of you probably don't, since I've only been a part of this community for about a year now. Being a part of the Whateley Second Generation project is certainly a new adventure for me, as this is the first serious writing endeavor I've ever participated in, so I hope I'll be able to live up to all of your expectations or at least come close. We've been doing a lot of work behind the scenes for a while now, and I know that I for one am SUPER excited that we're finally getting close to an official launch. The rest of the G2 Crew and I can't wait to begin sharing with you guys just how much the world of Whateley has grown and changed, and also to introduce you to all of the new faces that we hope you'll come love as much as we do.

His first character is Invictus

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