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Nephandus by Elaborate

Jean-Armand St. Michel du Chantraine is the son of the Troll Bride and the Hexmaster.[1] He's frequently called "Jay-Arm" and sometimes called "pretty evil boy."[2]

Nephandus is a devisor and mage specializing in calling up demons and binding them to his inventions.[2] He has a reputation (well deserved) of being able to create iron-clad contracts.[3]

He's usually seen with a walking stick which is actually a set of controls for a number of attack and defense devises and spells.[2] He's also followed around by a small golem that's animated by a bound demon.[2]

He seems to prefer 18th and 19th century styles, what Ayla derisively calls the "Merchant-Ivory" wardrobe.[4] He's a member of the Bad Seeds[5] and hangs with Malachi Diabolik a lot.[4]

Where he resides is in confusion. Originally shown in Twain[5], later implied in Melville[1].

Inventions lost in a hidden lab loss on 2007-01-08[]

  • Mega-Golem
  • Immortality Chamber
  • Karmic Justice Redirector
  • Macrocosmic Cube
  • Eternity Gauntlet
  • Numina Synthesizer+
  • Chakra Crown
  • Godslaver
  • Mimir Well
  • Total Subjugator
  • Casket of Infinite Power
  • Apotheosis Throne
  • Cyber-Oracle
  • Hellmouth Generator
  • Multidimensional Power Armor
  • Seduction Ray[6]


Winter 2007[]

Generation 2[]

He is in business with his father. He is shown working on a contract with Magister Olrun to discover whatever the Order of the Red Ba'al had discovered before that tentacle was destroyed.[7][8][9]