The ‘Ninjas’ clique has existed at Whateley ever since the ‘Kung Fu’ craze of the 1970’s. The exact number of ‘Ninjas’ at Whateley has varied from 33 (1979) to 4 (1993). There are currently 9 ‘Ninjas’; a team of five, a team of three and a singleton. It should be noted that by the time that they get to be a Senior, most ‘Ninjas’ have found better things to do with their time than go creeping around campus playing ‘Tag’ with the security guards. While the ‘Ninjas’ do study martial arts and practice stealth and reconnaissance skills, for the most part, they are about practical jokes. Since the Yama Dojo Ninja team failed to steal the Poe Cottage mascot bust, the ‘Ninjas’ regard taking it to be a major coup, as it will One-Up them on the real ninjas. A running joke is that while there are Asians at Whateley, there are no Asians, let alone Japanese, among the ‘Ninjas’. Another joke is that while Ninjas are supposed to be mysterious anonymous persons, everyone knows who the ‘Ninja’ clique is; actually, all but one- they cover up for G-Force, seeing him as a valuable mole within the Cape Squad, should that group ever decide to drop the hammer on them.

Story AppearancesEdit

On Oct 12, the Ninjas try to steal the bust of Poe in an attempt to outdo the Yama Dojo Ninjas.[1]


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Class of 2009Edit

  • G-Force - Black member of the Capes, under pressure to succeed. He's an "undercover" ninja.
  • Tabby - Repressed rich girl, cutting loose

Class of 2010Edit

  • Spooky -- She's another Package deal psychic. Known to hang with Cape squad and ninjas. Protégé of Nex

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