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Noah Whateley (one of the uncorrupted Whateleys[1]) founded Whateley Academy in 1878. There's a statue of him in the middle of the Quad. This is his total involvement in the story to date. The statue appears in a number of stories. It's a statue with no particular interesting properties, other than presumably attracting pigeons.

This is the statue of Noah Whateley, the man who founded this school back in 1878. They only put this thing up because a school is supposed to have a statue of its revered founder. Actually, the school that he founded was mediocre at best- the highest that any graduate of the original school ever reached was a Congressman for Vermont. Anyway, after about eighty years of producing complete non-entities, the original Whateley Academy shut down and was foreclosed on by the bank. Then it was bought by a group of mutant superheroes in 1966, because they wanted a remote place to train emergent mutants in how to use their powers. They kept the name, mostly so that the school would appear to have a long and presumably illustrious history.[2]

His ghost is still hanging around the school. Jimmy T talks to him sometimes. [3]


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