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Now the Real Learning Can Begin is the fourth Pejuta story by ElrodW (with collaboration by E. E. Nalley), following after Two Spirits. It is followed by The Riddle of Sappho and it covers events from April 17, 2007 to May 5, 2007

Having reached an accommodation with her inner nature, Kayda can now turn to learning more about how to live with her outer reality.


Chapter 1 - Apetu Theca (A New Dawn)[]

Chapter 1 was posted on May 18, 2015. It covers events from April 17, 2007 to April 18, 2007, then skips a day to April 20, 2007 and goes from there, to April 22, 2007.

When Kayda seems to be finally settling into the school life, a new attack comes from an unexpected direction. And we finally find out who are the culprits.






Chapter 2 - Mahpiya Wakina (Thunderclouds)[]

Chapter 2 was posted on May 26, 2015. It covers events during the day of April 24, 2007.

One of the school clubs wants to rush Kayda. And a dangerous new enemy gets interested in the machinations that surround her. Kayda has her 16th birthday, and the dreaded Poe Hot Tub Party finally comes—with a surprise guest.


Chapter 3 - Osiceca Magazu (Rain Storm)[]

Chapter 3 was posted on June 2, 2015. It covers events from April 27, 2007 to April 29, 2007.

The aftermath of the Hot Tub Party is better than expected, and Kayda and Rosalyn have a much needed talk. Two more players enter the "let's harass Kayda" competition. And a new friend invites her to the one club she most wanted—and feared—to enter, and also to a much more dangerous enterprise.




Chapter 4 - Waki Ya (Thunder)[]

Chapter 4 was posted on June 8, 2015. It covers events from April 29, 2007 to May 1st, 2007.

The Nations' team learns combat in the simulators. Kayda helps her new friend, but something goes wrong, and her depression comes back with a vengeance. And Kayda's new pair of foes find a way to attack her, courtesy of an ancient enemy.



Chapter 5 - Wakinyan Towa Pi (Lightning)[]

Chapter 5 was posted on June 16, 2015. It covers events from May 1st, 2007 to May 5, 2007.

Kayda has to deal with the fallout of the events of the previous chapter. Her new foes attempt to test their plan... with unexpected results. And she is asked to perform an unpleasant task. And she is dragged into yet another school activity.






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