OMAG (short for One Man Army Group) (Alexander "Sandy" Petrie)[1] is a student at Whateley Academy (a member of the Class of 2010)[1] and part of Horrorshow's clique. He is large and uses his physique to project the image of a burly tough guy. His power is the ability to split into up to sixteen separate copies of himself.[2][1] When he first came to Whateley he attempted to rush the Grunts.[1]

He comes from Scotland, possibly from Glasgow considering his accent.


OMAG fancies himself a Scots Special Ops soldier, and dresses accordingly: a tactical over a camouflage t-shirt, olive drab pants, combat boots, and a loaded utility belt, topped by a red tam-o-shanter with a white pom-pom on his head.[1]


OMAG is a "multiplier" Warper, with the ability to split into up to sixteen separate copies of himself[2][1] and coordinate between them, operating as a perfectly synchronized team when he can concentrate. His main body is tougher and stronger than a baseline, but not superhuman. His warping also gives him a measure of protection, so he's pretty hard to hurt, and he can share the pain between his copies. The copies are not capable of independent thought, however, and if the "prime" OMAG is distracted, they can stop whatever they were doing at the time. If a copy suffers an injury, OMAG-prime will feel the pain thereof, and suffer some smaller amount of damage too. Serious trauma to a copy can cause a forced dissolution and large amounts of pain to "prime." OMAG has developed several maneuvers based on exploiting the coordination between the copies, such as:

  • Human ladder - creating successive copies underneath him in order to climb an obstacle
  • Cracking the whip - using a human ladder to pull oneself horizontally
  • Human slingshot - similar to "cracking the whip", but using a V formation
  • Human trapeze - using a human ladder as a trapeze
  • Eskimo trampoline - several copies throw one to the air with the help of a piece of canvas or other strong fabric
  • Fire hydrant wave - some copies open a fire hydrant in order to allow "prime" to surf on the water


Winter 2007Edit



He received an "F" on his Fall 2006 Combat Final vs. Foxfire.[1]

He helped Horrorshow and Runestrong attempt to harass Phase.[2]

Aquerna notes that he's in her Theory and Practice of the Escape class.[3]


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