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Okami in Whateley uniform. Artwork by ChiLord



Daniel Moate is a Colonel in the US Army when he is invalided out after his parachute fails 100 feet up. He comes from the Japanese Myoujin line, a parallel line to the Japanese Imperial line, whose duty is to serve as a possible vehicle for Amaterasu's power, if it should be necessary.[1] He accepts the call to become Amaterasu's Voice when he has to stop an H1 lynch mob. Amaratsu transforms him into a young woman who looks like she would have at 14.[1]

MMID: US-19213-LA


Myoujin Hikaru (or Hikaru Myoujin in Western name order), codename Okami, is the Avatar of Amaterasu, the Shinto goddess who founded the Japanese Imperial dynasty.[2] As such, she is linked to the Imperial Household and travels under a diplomatic passport, and is afforded considerable privileges.[3]

She has a military AI Personal Assistant (AIPA) she named Kurenai.[4]

She expended an enormous amount of power extending the ancient wards that protect Japan to new islands. Even with the help of the Three Treasures of Japan, this resulted in a burnout.[2] Among the consequences, she lost part of her abilities and is having memory problems.[5]

She is assigned to be a Resident Assistant at Whateley as of Spring 2016, despite being a freshman herself.[5] She was ordered by Lillian Dennon to take her Exemplar Grace course.[6]

Hikaru takes her role and responsibilities very seriously. Both Amaterasu and her friend and cousin Kako[7] advise her to live for herself a little.

She suffers another burnout at Whateley due to an ill-advised Powers Test supervised by the wrong person. This causes more memory loss. After that, Eldritch takes control of all magical parts of powers testing.[8]


As the literal descendent, avatar, paladin, and authorized channeler of Amaterasu[7], Hikaru has a number of built-in powers.

  • flash step - essentially a short-range teleport[9]
  • combat laser
  • boost strength and toughness
  • nightlight