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Doctor Ophelia Tenent, also called Caduceus, is a teacher at Whateley Academy. She is also a Whateley alumnus.[1] She is a practicing witch and has been described as one of the best magical healers in the business. She has the power to use her hair as additional hands and fingers, able to use the strands to pick things up and manipulate objects. She also changed from male to female when she manifested.[2] As of Fall 2006, she is suspected to be one of the wardens of the Outer Circle,[3] one of a number of senior people in the magic department who the magical defence will report to in the case of a breach.[4] She is from Atlanta.[1] For Halloween 2006, she dressed as Mercy, and helped judge the costume contest.[5]

Her name has been spelled various ways, including Tenent/Tennent/Tennant/Tenet/Tenant/Tennet; Tenent is how it first appeared.


She is tall and slender and has long voluminous honey blonde hair. Prehensile hair, able to be used as additional manipulative digits.[2]

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On 2005-07-25, in Eating Dog, a male Dr. Tenant was introduced. At that time the official answer to whether this Dr. was related to Dr. Ophelia Tenent was "No." and "Oops."[6] In A Single Fold, published 2007-07-29 both were named Tennant, and worked together with no signs of what their non-professional relationship was, if any. The exchanges in Call the Thunder: Chapter 4 - The Beatings will Continue Until Morale Improves 2008-02-11 and Call the Thunder: Chapter 5 - Idiots 'R Us 2008-12-21 make it clear that he and Ophelia Tenent are, at a minimum, seeing each other. When the question was again raised on 2009-02-18 as to their relationship, the answers were ... ambiguous.[7] No statements have been made since then.