Some people get their super-powers from an origin. That is, it's an essentially random and apparently unrelated event, such as being bit by a radioactive gerbil, sleeping in a toxic waste dump, being struck by lightning or similar. Origin heroes can have just about any powers, although there is a tendency for them to be Bricks.

They are the people that exist who have some of the genetic encoding to be a mutant but not a complete 'set' such that the puberty process is sufficient to manifest powers. In rare instances, some outside event (getting hit by lightning, being exposed to a vacuum, chemical or radiation) can result in a manifestation as if that person were a mutant - the event generating the switches that didn't exist completely in the genetics and the shock stress of the trauma substituting for the chemical influences of puberty.

That is why Origins are more unstable, power wise (especially at first). Their bodies don't benefit from the whole package implied in the genetics as a survival set... For instance, an Energizer is likely to manifest in a way that they can throw lightning and will probably be empowered by electricity in general... or at least immune/resistant to damage from an errant electrical charge. An Origin who can throw lightning may not be protected in any way from an ability gained as the result of a lightning strike. The event toggled the genetics for the ability to channel and direct the bolts, but there's no guarantee they can also hold a multi-bolt level of charge.[1]



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