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Gunnery Sergeant Oscar C. Bardue, USMC, retired[1][2] (usually referred to as "Gunny") is in charge of the rifle and heavy machine gun range (Range 1), and the Group Crisis Simulation Team.[1] He appears in a fairly large number of stories, but seldom as a major character. He's 6'0, African-American, 64[3] at the start of the stories. He's the very image of the intimidating, abusive Marine drill instructor who can be heard from one end of Parris Island to the other when he's chewing out a grunt. Gunny's a baseline, but his power is intimidation.

Staff Sergeant Oscar Bardue was introduced to Headmistress Carson when he delivered Melvin Donner to her custody on March 10, 1995. In the course of this he dressed down a JROTC cadet in a manner that got her interest; she asked if he wanted a job. He had outstanding commitments to the US Marine Corps, but indicated he'd keep it in mind.[4]

Eric "Hijacker" Mahren got his start in Gunny's unit[5], and the Gunny recommended him to Whateley.[3]

He's one of the two instructors for Team Tactics,[6] and he sets up and runs many of the Arena 99 (Range 5) simulations.

Personal Life[]

He's the adoptive father and legal guardian of Caitlin Bardue[2] and is seeing Mrs. Cantrel.[7]

Classes taught[]