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Outcast Corner is a four person training team, as well as being the name of a clique of 'outcasts' that includes those four and their other friends. Too freakish for the norms, not into self-pity, they're the outcasts in the corner: a fashion disaster, a dinosaur, a Naga, and a living golem.[1] They've been joined by Anomaly and Phobos during the 2007-2008 academic year.

As a training team, they have an impressive record; while they don't always win, the Outcasts are incredibly tenacious, always making their opponents work hard for victory. This tenacity has earned them a permanent spot on the Las Vegas "mutant deathmatch" betting boards, and their popularity in the deathmatch broadcasts is the reason for their grueling sim schedule.[2] The Outcasts' stubbornness and grit also led to them being selected to participate in the "Crash" at the Fall 2006 Combat Finals.[3]

The leader of the Outcasts is Jericho, though he believes Eldritch will take over the Combat Team soon[4]. Eldritch has told him no deal: he's the team leader, she will support him with tactical knowledge.[5]


In-universe chronological order:[6]

Side Characters[]

Training Team members[]


In addition to the training team, the core members of Outcast Corner have their own rock band, which plays covers from bands such as Nickelback[1], Within Temptation[8], and Metallica[8]. Their roles are:

  • Lead guitar: Razorback
  • Bass: Jericho
  • Drums: Eldritch
  • Vocals: Diamondback, if the others can coerce her into it, otherwise Jericho sings.



2006-07 School Year[]

The Outcasts are assigned to Zeta Active Track (i.e., Syndicate) at Sweetheart's request.[9]

2007-08 School Year[]

Before the Fall Term starts, Jericho and Razorback find out that they had been assigned to the Zeta Active Track behind their backs (If Jericho had submitted the form it would have been done in Braille.) For this academic year they sign the team up for the Beta Track instead.[10]


Winter 2007[]