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Overload (Renshaw Millard Egerton), also called "Stimpy" or "Glitch", was originally a member of Whateley Academy's Class of 2009. At the end of the 2006/7 Academic Year, it's uncertain whether he'll graduate in 2010, 2011, or some other outcome intervenes.[1]

He's usually drunk, which doesn't help his control, his popularity, or his grades. He considers that nothing is his fault and that the world is out to get him. Ayla considers it possible that his upbringing hasn't helped.[2]

His roommate all though 2005/2006 was Runestrong, who was elated to be rid of him. His first roommate in 2006/2007 was Reach, who considered losing him as a roommate an extra plus.[1] Tee-Kay, whom they placed with Glitch in his stead, achieved respect for Reach based upon how long he'd put up with Glitch.[1]


Generally assumed to be a devisor, or something. He has the power of causing electronic devices in his proximity to short out or otherwise destroy themselves.[1]

Similar EMP effects can be produced by Avatars, Mages, and Energizers (See Powers), and gadgets (e.g., Commercial Inductive Circuit Overloaders such as the GizGlitch101©, the GizJam202©, and the GizSlag303©)[3]



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