This article was written by Maggie Finson and published in Questions and Answers: Power Categories. It was then republished by Bek D. Corbin in Canon Material: Explanation of Power Terms.

A Package Deal Psychic (PDP) is a mutant who has the esper, telepathy, and telekinetic talents, all at once. Mindbird of the Wild Pack is a PDP. Unlike the more conventional esper, telepathy, and TK talents, this appears to be a single trait, although usually the possessor can only exercise one of the three parts at any time. Also, PDPs manifest "mainstream" applications (clairvoyance for the esper, mind-reading for telepathy, levitation or a PK shell for PK), rather than the more exotic applications. Still, PDPs can learn to apply their talents in ways that can mimic the more exotic applications. Additionally, most PDPs fall into one of two physical categories — either they are extremely healthy, athletic, attractive individuals who could easily be mistaken for a low level exemplar, or they are very poor physical specimens who can't get in shape no matter how hard they try. Those who study mutant biophysics find this syndrome very confusing.

One very strange part of this particular puzzle is that the first mutant with the modern meta-gene complex, Gian Han, was a PDP.[1] However, the PDP package was quite rare until recently.