Parents' Day was written by many authors, and edited by Diane Castle. It occurs on 2006-11-11, and was posted on 2008-11-17.


On Parents’ Day, everyone’s families come to visit.

Chaka gets hassled by Lightwave and N'Dizi, until she puts the argument aside to help Diz, after which her grandmother chases off N’Dizi and Chaka has a chance to explain to Lightwave that she isn’t dating Dredz.

Fey’s parents talk to her mentors, while one of Chou’s guardians, Guan Yu, fights her teacher, Fitzgibbons.

Timeless is unhappy to find his guardian has come to visit.

Gracie and Janet have come to visit Phase, and they also go visit Puppet.

Jobe tries to get people to sign up for modifications.

Gothmog has come to visit Sara, and tries to get her to accept the position as her grandmother’s high priestess.

Tennyo’s family accepts Jade, and Tennyo and her mother have an eating contest.

When the families leave, Tennyo and Jade try to cheer up Chou.


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