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Parkour Jam Hooligans is a story by Joe Gunnarson released on 2009-04-13. It runs from 2006-09-27 to 2006-09-30, with a flashback to December 21st, 1998.


Erik Mahren makes a run against an Ex-6 opponent as part of a class, to make the point that someone does not have to be a mutant to be effective. He continues through the school day, inducts Aquerna into the Parkour Hooligans, and remembers incidents from the beginning of his time at Whateley. One of the classes includes showing students footage of the Rager's Night incident that started the conspiracy theory of the Dragonslayers. Erik has not told anyone, but the footage is of himself and his team, killing a teenager who went rager and killed nearly one hundred people before they stopped him.

There's a flashback to that day, December 21st, 1998. The specific day is revealed a lot later in the series, The Book of Darwin, Chapter 1

The next day, Erik takes the Parkour Hooligans into Boston for the Parkour Jam, an event where a lot of people get together and run Parkour together. Since he accidentally double-booked himself, Erik’s old team also comes that day. They run with the others for a while, then split off to an area Whateley has leased for demolition so they can use their powers without worrying about property damage. However, the Lamplighter, a very violent and intolerant superhero, notices them and attacks. Erik and his team fight him and win, but when Erik would have killed the Lamplighter for hurting his students, Thrasher intervenes and asks him to stop, the same way he did as a child to save his father, and Erik relents.

Note: this story gives a different timeline for Zenith’s problems with Sahar than the other stories. On the forums, it has been clarified that this timeline is wrong.