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Kayda Franks, born on April 26 1991[1] as Brandon Franks, codename Pejuta, is the protagonist of ElrodW's Buffalo Gal Won't You Come Out Tonight and following stories.

Originally from Eastern South Dakota, Brandon Franks was a sophomore in high school, a well-respected athlete (mostly), and a good student - he was a math prodigy, working on graduate-level college math classes. He was one quarter Lakota from his maternal grandmother, and was five-nine and one-hundred-sixty-five pounds of good-looking, solidly-muscled all-American boy. Brandon's family is doing well financially through a very large farm (worth between thirty and thirty-five million), a trucking business associated with the farm, ranching, and owning a farm implement dealership in town, but as is typical with farms and ranches, most of their assets are not readily liquid. Brandon has a brother, Danny, who is in 8th grade, and somewhat of a brat at times.

Kayda and her spirit Tatanka

Brandon's hometown has severe mutant-phobia due to a rager incident in a nearby town. Although Humanity First! doesn't have a formal chapter, many townsfolk are members of H1.

Brandon manifested one morning at school without warning, never having suspected that he was a mutant. When other students saw his eye color change, they nearly beat him to death, leaving him for dead in the snow by the school's dumpsters. Only his new healing powers, heightened by a mild burnout, enabled him to survive. The burnout, though, hastened his mutation, causing him to completely change within a few days instead of several months.[2]

Kayda was supposed to have entered Whateley as a mid-year sophomore transfer, the same grade she had in her old school, but due to a foul-up in her class schedules, she was missing an English II credit to be able to advance to Junior; accordingly, at the 2007 Commencement ceremony, she was seated with the Freshmen and "advanced" to Sophomore—with membership in the Honor Roll, Dean’s List, Chief of The Nations, Member of the Alpha Leadership Council, and a SDSM&T March Award for Graduate-level Mathematics.[3] The Whateley preference for the students having the full four-year experience no doubt played a part in her placement.



MID as of 2007-05-29:[4]

Mutant Identification Card
Code name Pejuta
Ratings Wiz: 2, Exemplar-2, Avatar-5, Gadgeteer-5, Native American weapons - basic
Techniques ghost walking, shield spell, bow, tomahawk, manifested bison
Weak vs normal human weaknesses
Backup / Team Affiliation The Nations, Ghost Walkers

Physical Description[]

Kayda is "...five-foot seven, one hundred thirty pounds, and probably the most exotically gorgeous girl I'd ever seen, apart from the woman in my dreams. Strangely, I didn't look like the kind of beauties I used to see at school, like Julie, with their European features and my own European sensibilities about what made a woman beautiful. Instead, I was gorgeous in an exotic way because I was distinctly Lakota, and looked foreign and exotic, but still, with my eyes, approachable and compelling." Besides appearing full-blooded Lakota, she has distinctive Kelly-green eyes that have a very soft, faint glow in the dark.


Kayda is an avatar who unusually hosts two spirits: Ptesanwi, a channeler and prophetess for Wakan Tanka (the Lakota Great Sprit); plus Tatanka (the Lakota White Buffalo Spirit). Additionally, she can manifest a physical representation of Tatanka at various sizes, ranging from puppy sized through St. Bernard sized (typically for 'meet-n-greet' purposes) up to full sized (typically for defensive purposes).

Kayda is also a gadgeteer, although her mechanical knack emerged from an early age, well before manifestation. Her manifestation appears to have enhanced her gadgeteer abilities.

Kayda has some magical ability, although it's unknown exactly what or how powerful. Some of the healing magic is associated with her Ptesanwi spirit.

Official testing from Whateley Powers testing list Kayda as: Wizard - 2, Gadgeteer-5, Exemplar-2, Avatar-5.


  • On Thursday, May 17, 2007, Poise reveals to Fey that Pejuta decided to join Venus Inc. Pejuta then does the test shoot for the Lorelei collection, when Fey is too demotivated to do it, because she sees no hope of getting any reward in doing so.[5]
  • On Friday, May 25, 2007, it's revealed that she helped save Venus Inc's modelling contract with Lorelei when Fey's modelling performance had taken a nosedive and would've sunk the contract.[7]


Placed Out[]

Kayda has high school and college transcripts that show she's completed the following Whateley math classes (and that's not counting the college-level math she's completed):

Spring 2007[]

After arriving at Whateley, late for the Spring Term of 2007, she was initially assigned by Mrs. Hawkins to the following classes (despite her protests):





Combat Teams[]


After Graduation[]

After graduating, she takes her parents to a vacation on the Hilton Orbital Casino and Hotel. While there, a villain attempts to take the installation over, and is foiled. She decides to quit heroing and take up her role as First Shaman.[11]

She takes up her role in the First Nations, to try to bring the tribes together. During a mass meeting, an old Lakota demon attacks. It's foiled, but at a huge cost.[12]


In her role in the First Nations, she has an entourage of four young women:

  • Emily Walks-far - one of the Ptesanwi's personal assistants
  • Anne Roaring-fire - another one
  • Suzie White-Peak
  • Christy Black-Rabbit

They are sworn to her, and they are her friends.

She has another friend who isn't quite a member of the inner circle, but is very close.

  • Doli

Generation 2[]

In 2016, she's still alive.[13] She's on Whateley campus at least once to try to heal Vanessa Barton.[12]

She plays a significant part in the Lanie-Tansy switcheroo.[14]