Arthur Smith, code name Pendragon, in his Senior year is the head of the Future Superheroes of America club, more commonly known by their nickname, "Cape Squad."[1]


Appeared in:

Diamonds Are a Vamp's Best Friend: Part 1

General descriptionEdit

Arthur is a bit more than six feet tall, but still weighs less than two hundred pounds, with a very well proportioned and muscled body. He has longish reddish brown hair he usually wears loose and neat, complemented by a "Robin Hood" beard without a mustache. He has emerald green eyes.[1]

His uniform is golden full plate armor in a chivalric style, complemented by a golden sword and shield.[1]

He is dating Gloriana and they are very much in love.[2]

He used to room with Kodiak, placing him in Melville Cottage.


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