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Perfume (Kim Hashida) is a Whateley Academy Class of 2018[1] student living in Melville Cottage[2]

She's second-in-charge of the Spy Kids, but runs things when Cyber Swarm is distracted (practically all the time).[1] She's taken on a mentoring role for Mouse.

Perfume is a former member of Venus, Inc. Pictures of her sell quite well.[3] However, she isn't too far removed from the modeling scene: on September 09, 2016, she wakes up her roommate, Model, so they can watch Kenshin exercising without a shirt.[2]

Physical Appearance[]

Kim is gorgeous, as always, which is to be expected of an exemplar and former member of Venus, Inc. She is long-legged, lithe, and athletic, with Japanese features and long black hair that is sometimes tied back in a braid.


She can manifest the smell of perfume. In addition, she had a subtle flower scent, which filled the air around her. And in spite of her name, this scent wasn’t the result of perfume, but a low level manifestor ability that let her create any scent she wanted. [1]

Perfume also has an enhanced sense of smell and could track people down by their personal scent like a bloodhound.[4] It is likely that she could tag them with a manifested scent that only she knew to search for.





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