Robbie Townshend, code name Peril, is a known adventure nut and thrill-seeker. He has been one since he was a kid, before manifesting:

He laughed. “You sound like my mother! Honey, don’t jump off the roof onto the trampoline. Honey, don’t skateboard-jump over the creek. Honey, don’t bicycle off the roof, onto the trampoline, over the fence, onto the Dawsons’ trampoline, and into their pool.”[1]

He frequently plays test pilot for devisors and gadgeteers' new inventions.[1] During Fall term 2006, he tested a jetpack for a friend which exploded approximately 200 feet in the air,[2] which has apparently become an infamous event on school.[3]

His parents are Martin and Alice Townshend and run the Townshend Publishing House in Nashville, Tennessee. After their publishing house ran into financial trouble due to an embezzling relative and Ayla gave them the required $147,000 in exchange for Peril playing penectomy victim[2]. As a result, they insisted on giving Ayla 35% of the company.[4]

Peril also agreed to play BIT-Slicer donor for Ayla.[1]


He is tall, dark and handsome.


Peril is an Exemplar-5 and a Regen-4


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