Phoenixfire (Ashley Strum) is the daughter of Magma, one of the members of S.T.A.R. League. She's an EX-4, MAN-3, EN-1, with a fire aura. Sometime in the first term she picks up flight powers since she didn't have them originally.

She arrives at Whateley in The Transfer Students.[1] Her training team is known as STAR League Jr. She gets assigned to Melville Cottage, and is rooming with Icebreaker. She's in the class of 2009.

She's being rushed by the Alphas.[2]


Ashley is a bit taller than me at five two and very quickly developed into a younger version of super mom, add to that shoulder length auburn hair, a devil-may-care attitude of life and C cups by eight grade then wrap the whole package up in a designer name wardrobe and you’ve got the Home Coming Queen in training.[1]

Her blood type is A+.


"They were all white and black, with matching peaks front and back in white while the sleeves and shoulders were black. The pants were black with a wide stripe of white on the outside seams that disappeared into black boots with white cuffs on the tops, knee high for the boys, thigh high for the girls. White mid forearm gloves and black domino masks completed the ensemble. On the chest of each uniform was a gold four pointed star that was trimmed and encircled in black."[1]


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