Leslie “Ping” Wainwright, formerly Lester Wainwright, got her powers from a devise created by someone known only as “Yanos”.[1]

She’s a Gadgeteer, level unknown, probably an Exemplar, level unknown, and may be classified as an Esper with some kind of power over computers. The latter is due to something at the base of her skull that’s left over from the original devise. She lets people think she is a Devisor, which isn’t true, rather than tell them about the devise. This may make her similar to a cyberpath.[1]

She’s a member of the Wainwright family.[1]

She looks like an ethnic Chinese, with red hair, green eyes and notably bigger breasts than one would expect, provided by the devise from her father’s side of the family.[1]

She entered Whateley in Fall 2015, and so is a member of the Class of 2020. As of the 2016-2017 school year, she is in Poe Cottage.[2]

"[She] had a cavalier attitude towards patient experimentation -- somewhat hypocritically, considering her own past".[2]

She has had a number of run-ins with Jack-in-the-Box, and is the go-to girl for dealing with victims of his mind control devises.

She dislikes the Amazons; the feeling is mutual, but they’re willing to deal when it’s one of Jack’s victims.[2]


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