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Pomp and Conspiracy is a Vignette written by E. E. Nalley and first released on 05-02-2016. It covers the 2007 graduation ceremony for Whateley Academy, and a little bit before it, so June 8th, 2007, and June 9th, 2007.



It begins with a cyberspace meeting of members of The Committee, present were the Old Man, the Professor, the Captain, and the Guest. They are discussing upcoming students at Whateley and their prospects as future associates of the members. A test is set up for the Professor's Protégé.


We see the elaborate ceremony held for Graduation, at the Jennifer Stevens Playhouse. First the Seniors receive their diplomas. The Juniors are promoted to Seniors and receive their mortar boards. The Sophomores are promoted to Juniors and receive stoles. Finally the Freshman are promoted to Sophomores and receive their gowns. A few students are mentioned specifically.

The next scene is the post graduation party held in Holbrook Arena. Nitro defends his girlfriend, Tisiphone, against the bigotry of his parents and then is introduced to Tisiphone's wealthy parents who agree to pay for the rest of his schooling. Tisiphone receives as a gift the key and "ownership" of the room where she had her Date Night with Nitro and their friends.

Tansy, Lanie, and Kayda decide to have a road trip via the Kennecott Salt Flats in Utah, Kayda's home in South Dakota, followed by Tansy and Lanie driving to Georgia where Tansy will fly back to Whateley for the Summer Term.

Hank and Wyatt have a discussion about fighting and whether Wyatt will teach Hank.

Ayla gives Lanie the results of his research and analysis on the special project she asked him about in The Kodiak Conspiracy.

Finally the Captain contacts Warhorse about "losing" an item.