Powerhouse (Johnny[1] ?) is a member of the Cape Squad and also the Alphas in the Winter 2007 term. He appears to be a speedster. He's also in the superhero biz because he thinks it'll attract the chicks.[2]

As though that was all that need to be said. ‘Powerhouse’ sort of reminded Kerry of Jeff O’Connell, the Senior class BMOC/ Badass/ God’s gift to women back in Glassboro. They had the same ‘here I am, oblige me’ attitude. Still… “The ‘Cape Squad’?” Kerry asked, trying not to let this yutz overawe her. He really pushed those ‘accommodating doormat’ reflexes in her that she was trying to get rid of.


He's part of the attack against the Syndicate's dropships when they attack Whateley during the Halloween Dance.[3]

He's part of the group that tries to subdue Cavalier and Skybolt when they go berserk and attack Don Sebastiano at the beginning of the Winter 2007 term.[4]

He shows exactly how self-centered he is at lunch with the Cape Squad.[2]

Powerhouse tries to push his way to Seraphim's attention, and winds up fighting Counterpoint.[5]

Powerhouse tries to invite himself to Ayla's birthday party.[6]

He's mentioned a lot.[7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15][16][17]


He is either an Exemplar or an Internal Energizer. He tried to attack Counterpoint with his fists but was taken down by a blow to the head. Powerhouse is unlikely to be a PK Brick for this reason. [5]