Prism (Richard Mills) is one of the New Olympians, and is the avatar (or something) of Apollo. See the New Olympians page for considerations that apply to all of them.


5' 10" tall and weighting 168 lbs he has a slender yet athletic build, auburn hair and yellow eyes.


Prism is an Exemplar-3, Energizer-4, Healer-3 and Esper-1. Unlike most energizers, Richard taps into the visible and ultra-violet spectrum to power his abilities, making him very deadly outside during daylight or near UV lamps. He can redirect the energy into bolts of energy or into powering his Healing abilities. Use of his powers creates a spectrum of lights around him as he absorbs ambient light. Richard also has flashes of precognitive visions, particularly concerning his family, both mortal and the Olympians (especially his ‘twin sister’ Feral). On the path toward a doctorate, Richard has firmly embraced the healer aspect of Apollo, so much so that he tends to doctor everyone around him, whether they ask him to or not.


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