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Pristine by Drunkfu

Christine Crosley, code name Pristine, has the bad fortune to be doing detention in Security during the Halloween dance and subsequent invasion.[1] She's a level 3 exemplar with a personal force field that keeps her, well, pristine.[2] She lives in Dickinson.[2] She's in the Class of 2009.[3] She is part Huron Indian, from the First Nations in Canada.[4]

In combat she wears a brilliant white cat suit with a red and blue beaded belt, and beaded blue and white shoulders pads. It is armoured under the fabric and has a detachable gas mask. [5]


She was going out with Spade until she saw him snuggling up with Solange on the security monitors.[1]

Pristine takes part in the defense against the Syndicate attack during the Halloween dance.[1]

Jericho offers to help her talk out what happened on Halloween.[6]

Pristine is part of the mob chasing Cerebrex, because they are Canadian and insulted by his 'Captain Canada' thing.[7]

She-Beast demonstrates a small Personal Forcefield Generator based on observations of what Pristine does.[2]

Pristine was elected assistant chief of The Nations in April of 2007.[4]

Pristine had her Spring 2007 Combat final with Miasma. It did not go well, as her suit and hair were ruined by Miasma's gas grenades, although they did complete the final.[5]