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The Psychic Arts Program exists to help the various psychic students learn how to control and responsibly use their powers. A large part of the department's efforts seems to be directed at preventing misuse and protecting non-psychic students from it.

Kirby Hall[]

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The Psychic Arts Department shares use of Kirby Hall with its rival, the Mystic Arts Department.

Department Members[]


Whateley Canon of Psychic Ethics[]

The Whateley Canon of Psychic Ethics is in place to protect against misuse of telepathic and esper powers, because "the Right of an individual to the sanctity of their own minds is a paramount concern for all Telepaths"[4]. It has also been called Psychic Canon of Ethics[5], Whateley Psychic’s Canon of Ethics[1], Whateley Canon of Telepathic Ethics[4] and Whateley Code of Telepathic Ethics[1]. While direct psychic intrusion without consent (or possibly some other overriding considerations) is prohibited purely passive reception of projected thoughts and emotions is allowed.[1][5]

There is a dedicated exam covering the canon.[4]