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Pucelle (real name unknown) is some kind of a brick, probably an exemplar but it isn't really clear. She's got a sufficiently warped sense of how to treat kids with GSD that she wears a mask so they can't see her quite beautiful face.

Vamp nicknames her Poppin’ Fresh.[1]

Physical Description[]

Her "flat blank white mask".[1]


She bases herself off of Joan of Arc:

“No, this time, I rely on my own inspiration!” she drew something that looked like a flashlight out of her parka and, if I’m lyin’, I’m dyin’, it was a freaking lightsaber!
“As Jehanne La Pucelle, Joan of Arc, the Maid of Orleans, the Savior of France, bore her sacred blade into battle, so do I bear this sword of holy light against you, foul creature of darkness!”

Although, Vamp seems to know more than Pucelle does:

“Are you sure about that? ‘Cause I don’t remember anything about Joan of Arc having a special sword.”
“Joan found a sword with the pattern of five crosses on it at the cathedral of Saint Catherine de–somethin’erother. As she bore her sword into battle against the Unholy–”
“Well, actually it was against the English, but as a good Irish Catholic, I ain’t gonna argue the point.”
“–so do I carry THIS sword, as I emulate Saint Joan in all ways!”


She takes part in the second Boston Brawl as part of Silver's party.[2]

Murphy destroys her stereo because it's causing too much noise.[3] She's not happy about this.[4] She lives directly above room 103, so if the floor plan is constant, she lives in room 203.

When Vamp arrives at Whateley, Pucelle confronts her almost immediately, while Vamp is trying to broker a deal with She-Beast.[1] Shortly afterwards, she joins in a fight that the Unstoppable Three have started with Vamp over the capsule Zenith entrusted Vamp with, which they believe is something called the 'Zarkoff Device' and represents a threat to the campus at large. Coming to her boyfriend Bravo's aid, she is rapidly and repeatedly curb-stomped by Vamp and X-O.


  • A lightsaber.[1]