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Melissa as portrayed by Drunkfu

Melissa Thurber-Goodkind, code name Puppet, has a really major case of GSD, where her blood has turned toxic. Since summer 2005[1] she's permanently hooked up to a life support unit that filters her blood and substitutes for her heart and other organs, which have quit working. Anyone going into her room in Hawthorne Cottage has to wear MOPP level 4 gear. She started at Whateley the summer of 2005, if she started as a freshman she's in the Class of 2009.

She's an EX-2, WA-2 according to Diane on the forum[2]. She has scraggly brown hair and a patrician green face.

She obviously can't leave her room; she takes classes via a remote television system.

She doesn't get many visitors. Claire used to visit, but then she knocked out most of Puppet's control system and she nearly died, so they don't let her visit anymore. Phase suggests using the video conferencing setups for classes to allow Claire to visit, since they both use them.[3]

Phase found out she was there during her first detention at Hawthorne.[3] They're cousins (not first cousins, though); she'd dropped off Trevor's radar without his wondering what was up.

Grace Goodkind visits during Parents' Day.[4]

A workshop project headed by Mega-Death, with the help of Hazmat and Ergonomic, improved her life support unit during January, 2007, significantly reducing the leakage of her toxic blood.[5]

The Hawthorne cottage redesign gives her a much upgraded room as of the beginning of the 2007-2008 academic year. [6]

At some point prior to October 21 2007, the door to her room was vandalized with ‘Mr. Yuk’ stickers, and Raptor somehow discovered that Bubba did it.[7]


Fall 2006[]

  • European History self study[3]

Winter 2007[]


  • Hawthorne Cottage
  • Family
    • Lissa[4] Thurber-Goodkind - mother, talks to her several times a week on the phone
    • ? Goodkind - Father (no longer talks to Melissa)
    • Ivan[3] Thurber-Goodkind - older brother (doesn't talk to Melissa)
    • At least one other brother (doesn't talk to Melissa either)
    • Ayla Goodkind (cousin)
    • Grace Goodkind (cousin)