Rachael ? is a student at Whateley Academy. Fall term 2006 she roomed with Molly Harrington in Dickinson Cottage, so odds are she's a freshman. She's a telekinetic. Winter term 2007 she's rooming with someone else.

The girl was tall, athletic and nature had blessed her with plenty to draw the drooling stares of the boys.[1]

To the extent that she deigns to acknowledge Molly's existence, she teases her upon finding her drawing M♥C on her book covers; she doesn't keep it up for long, Molly's not worth her bother.

In a separate occasion, Josie Gillman met a girl called "Rachael" in the gym locker room. She described Josie as "a bit mousy" and "reminding her of an old roomie", so it might be the same girl, since both Josie and Molly are "mousy."[2]

This Rachael was thusly described by Josie:

I stole another secretive glance past my shoulder, eyes widening at the porn star body on the perfectly tan skinned girl with the blackest hair I’d ever seen, and she was right next to me, currently putting on a clean white t-shirt over a tightly fitting sports bra without even using her hands. The clothes just kinda pulled on all by themselves. She moved like a cat! A big sexy kung fu cat putting on a gi with crazy magic!


Just then, she looked at me with the sharpest, deepest chestnut brown eyes I’d ever seen.


Helling hell, she was even more gorgeous when she was looking at you! She looked ravishing, her features gorgeously feminine with a feline lilt to them, and with an exotic mix of something Hispanic, or Latino, or whatever it was, and something else that I desperately wish I could put my finger on (over and over). Her hair was long, styled to be wavy, and raven black, her bosom near face level with my current height, or just under my chin and ample the way we think of gods as big!

She also appears to like manga, and is able to read them in Japanese.


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