The Ramsey family relates to Evan Ramsey, one of the Loose Cannons.


Lt. Col. Mitchell Ramsey was the patriarch. A very strict man, who demanded nothing but perfection of his family. At the time we meet the family, he was living in Sacramento as the U.S. Air Force liaison officer to the California state government regarding logistics for Air Force bases in the state. He had previously been stationed in MacDill AFB in Florida, Peterson AFB in Colorado, and Andrews in Maryland.

When contacted by Evan, he brought the M-SOC with him, apparently disbelieving that the identity of the caller. Mutant Commission Office agents and the Knights of Purity somehow became involved in the affair, which turned into a lethal battle.[1]


The Ramsey matriarch has not so far been named, but she's known to have left the family sometime before 2007 and moved to Delaware.[2]


The eldest son, as of March 2007 a sophomore at Stanford University. At least according to Evan, Kyle was their father's favorite son.[3]


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The younger son, a good student who resorted to pranks out of boredom and as an escape from his father's strictness. Along with several other students, he was taken by a mysterious group and used as a guinea pig for experiments involving Dynamorphs. Afterwards, Evan and his compatriots found themselves running for their lives.[4]

Paternal grandmotherEdit

Evan has mentioned that, considering his grandmother, it's legitimate to call his father a "son of a bitch."[1]


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