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Razorback (Jack Carlyle, born Erin Carlyle) is a member of the Class of 2009. He's a speedster, Class 3 Rager with regen, exemplar?, heterosexual velociraptoresque dinosaur.


MID as of 2006-12-14:[1]

Mutant Identification Card
Ratings Exemplar - 3, Regen - 4+, Esper - 1, GSD Severe, Martial Arts - Aikido
WARNING! Class 3 Rager.
WARNING! Class 2 Speedster

Deadly Force Pre-Authorized
Heavy Weapons pre-authorized
Criminal file DC-97-KXD-AU
Note:  Not authorized on any commercial passenger flight without Law Enforcement escort

Techniques Claws, Teeth, Fastball, Suicide Slide, Spinal Tap, Whirlwind, Flurry
Weak vs Unknown
Backup / Team Affiliation Outcast Corner, Overwatch Defense Force


Post-manifestation of his mutant-traits, Razorback bears a resemblance to a large, dromeasauroid dinosaur. Large enough to tower over grown men, with a tiger-striped hide of yellow and black, Razorback strikes an impressive (and intimidating) figure. Adding to this are the numerous spines on his back that can be raised in a threat-display similar to some modern day reptiles. However, he does poses a few traits which immediately distinguish him from actual reptiles and theropods. Most noticeably, he possesses articulated wrists (presumably indicating a lack of an ulnar groove that would otherwise lock the radius into position) and surprisingly dexterous hands. He also lacks the distinct forelimb-shortening common in theropods. This, combined with his unique double-socketed shoulders, allows him to assume a quadrupedal gait that aids in stability, speed, and agility.

Jack weighs nearly 400 pounds, that is, about 180 kg. He also has excellent night vision.[2]


Razorback was born in Australia as a girl, and when he manifested he changed into a giant, spined, mute male velociraptoresque dinosaur and went feral for a while. After a super-team found him and reintroduced him to humanity, they sent him to Whateley, where his rager outbursts quickly earned him the top spot on the UltraViolent List and the record for the most consecutive detentions ever. He eventually made friends with a girl named Koala and with Jimmy T, and started protecting the Underdogs from bullies. In fall 2006, he got Jericho for his roommate, and with Diamondback, they formed Outcast Corner. Razorback can't speak without a gadget, so the Outcasts use a mix of Australian and American sign language. He loves heavy metal music and is one of the guitarists for their band, but he is also hyper-sensitive to sound, so sonic attacks will either cause a rager outbreak[3] or knock him out.[4] His sim costume is black armor with scary symbols on it, including a mask coming down to his jawline. Rythax mistook him for a Pack Hunter[5] / Stalker,[6] a resemblance also noted by Eldritch when she came across several ancient statues of Pack Stalkers in the Court of the Earth's Forge.[2]

He saved Fey from some Voodoo Wolves,[7] and is now part of the Wild Bunch.

During Christmas Vacation he was in Australia with his family and the rest of the Outcasts. While there he took a part in the Rager's Night memorial, helped suppress a robbery and out-of-control "hero" team, and protect the fighting retreat of a large group of civilians to shelter during Doctor Reaper's attack.[8]



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