Susan Willows, born Moon Beam Mountain, in 1971 in Los Angeles, CA, code name Red Archer, is a member of STAR League. Linebacker is her husband, Psymod is her son.

Seeded Canon Bible InformationEdit

She's an EX-2, Dev-3. Her uniform is a cross of what might be worn by Maid Marion and Robin Hood, in scarlet. She's 5'9", 120 lbs. She has blue-green eyes in a triangular face framed by strawberry blond hair, usually worn braided. She has an athletic build, and her expression is normally happy.

In many ways, Susan is Linebacker’s mirror. Born to parents that were some of the final holdouts of the ‘Hippy’ movement, the former Moon Beam had her name changed in the early eighties to Susan. Currently her greatest passion has been keeping her family together and raising the son she is extremely proud of.


She appears in the confrontation with the kids before they're sent off to Whateley.[1]


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