Redding is a city in northern California.

Among other amenities in the Whateleverse, it has an unnamed high school, a police department and an MCO office. There are a lot of minor characters located here.

Unnamed High SchoolEdit

This is the high school that Luke Del Bosque and Jamie Howe enter as freshmen in fall 2015.[1]

Lucretia Del BosqueEdit

Main article: Lapin

Originally Lucas Del Bosque.

Jamie HoweEdit

Main article: Calibrate

Originally Lucas' girlfriend. Went insane after she manifested.

Eric WateEdit


Amy MilsnerEdit

Head cheerleader. Jamie hates her. Causes everything to go south.[1]

David LorenzoEdit

Jock. Amy's boyfriend. Name is sometimes Danial.[1]


School athlete.[1]

Doug HawserEdit


Rex DaviesEdit

Student. Caught trying to peek in Jamie's window.[1]

Arnold TraskEdit

Student. Tries to bully Lucas[1]

Ben VecilioEdit

Student. Tries to bully Lucas[1]



Karl DavisEdit

Student. Caught trying to do something with the Howes home.[2]

Other ReddingEdit

Doctor LagodaEdit

Doctor at the hospital where Lapin is after she manifests.

Redding Police DepartmentEdit

Of course Redding has a police department.

Officer TraskEdit

Escort for Jamie on her powers testing.[1]

Officer StahlEdit

Other escort.[1]

Boyd GosserEdit

Detective who questions Luke, now Lucretia, after Jamie hits him with her devise.[2]

Redding MCOEdit

MCO OfficeEdit

Redding has a small MCO office. Besides Agent Berkowitz, there is a receptionist.

Agent BerkowitzEdit

MCO senior agent.[1]

Dr. PaigeEdit

Runs tests on Jamie Howe[2]

Jacob HenryEdit

Doctor who runs tests on Lucretia[3]

Other MCOEdit

These agents are at an airport somewhere. Where isn't specified, but there simply isn't a non-stop from Redding to New York. Redding isn't large enough.

Besides the two named agents, there are two goons and a supervisor, none of whom have names.

Agent DonnelyEdit

Interviews Lapin at airport[1]

Agent LyonsEdit

Does search of Lapin[1]

Paul StanleyEdit

MCO agent pretending to be a businessman. Sits next to Lapin on the plane and gets her story.

Jerry BuchanonEdit

MCO Talking head.[3]


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