Reflections in an Evil Eye is the fourth Chaka story by Bek D. Corbin, and was released on August 16, 2006. It runs from October 4 to October 12, 2006. It follows Toni and the Tiger and is followed by It's All In The Timing!.


Team Kimba is starting their detention for the Breakfast Brawl. Chaka does some chores, then helps Babs and starts teaching her Tai Chi, then tries to help Dr. Heavy, and accidentally reverses his power. Sahar is extremely depressed, but decides she will try trading psi tricks with people instead of ripping them off, and chooses to start with Chaka, but this fails as Chaka’s abilities aren’t psychic.

In the next detention, Chaka cleans Fubar’s pool and meets Diz. She figures out how to get through Diz’s force field and hug her. Chaka then decides to help Sahar, and offers to teach her to awaken her Ki, in return for Arabic lessons.

Over the next few days, a number of people warn Chaka that Sahar is not to be trusted and will betray her, including Zenith. Chaka asks for Sahar’s version, and it turns out that Sahar had changed her ways because she fell in love with Zenith. Chaka decides to help Zenith and Sahar talk out their problems, but Solange and Nex interfere, and things get messy enough to involve ninjas before Chaka can finally get everything worked out.



  • Chaka Toni Marc Chandler
  • Sahar Semiramis ‘Sahar’ Vesmarran. Tansy's roommate, Dickinson resident. Psychic, but not psychokinetic.
  • Nex Cyril ‘Nex’ Huntley
  • Zenith Zoe
  • Solange Tansy ‘Solange’ Walcutt
  • Fade Hayley ‘Fade’ Kleisch. "Gerri"?



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