Residue (no real name known) is a bit of an anomaly. According to the canon material seeded into the old Wiki, she gained her powers as a result of something that Rev. Englund did, which probably makes her an "Origin Hero" instead of a mutant, and is a member of the Goths.

Among those is Residue. In fact, it was due to one of his activities that she “gained” her powers. Englund immediately arranged for a superb scholarship for the girl. She understands his motivation completely, but hates him and would enjoy seeing him die slowly, in extreme pain.[1]
and Residue is just creepy-thin, which is just bad being stuck over in Melville, where they're sure to be really mean to her.[2]
Residue all by herself is enough to bring down the whole room. The ‘death of the party’, that’s her.[3]
But there were other possibilities among the students on campus, starting with that sanctimonious England’s pet student Residue. Yes, if he could prove that it was Residue, and force the Reverend England to his knees at the same time, that would be so sweet…[4]

She's mentioned in a number of other stories, but is not an active character.[5]


Residue has psychometry, but only to experince what the item went through and the pain involved. She once told a girl who was bullying her how each of her clothes was made, how much the sweatshop workers were paid and various other tidbits. It is for this reason that Residue has to wear completely handmade clothing, since she can't turn off her power.


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