Richard Lord is one of the instructors in Whateley Academy's English department. He's also the faculty sponsor for the Literary Club.
I had Mr. Lord for English Composition, a decidedly good looking youngish man in his middle to late twenties. He had the look of Joseph Finnes [sic], the Shakespearean actor about him, tall, thin with dark hair a van dyke beard that nearly cried out for a doublet and hose instead of the Dockers and polo he was wearing.[1]
Richard Lord, MA, was many things. He was a published novelist, an off-off Broadway playwright, a poet of some renown and a man of letters with the keen, sharp mind of an intellectual. He also was an adventurer come the summer break, ultra-light pilot, hang glider enthusiast, B.A.S.E. jumper and mountaineer. He'd scaled K2 and was waiting on permission from the Chinese government to scale Everest from its more difficult North East Ridge ascent route during the microscopic climbing window in September. He was the exact combination of education and complete foolhardiness that the Trust looked for in teachers at Whateley.[2]

Classes taughtEdit

Plays directedEdit

  • Othello[4] Fall 2006


Lily has Mr. Lord for her English Composition class.[1]

Mr. Lord directs the school play where Lily is playing Desdemona.[4]

He's teaching Loophole's class on The Prince.[3]

Loophole sends Mr. Lord a message that Murphy has joined the Lit Chix.[3]


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