Rick Standish is a radio shock jock at the WKRD radio in Cincinnati who is said to do anything that will attract listeners, ideology notwithstanding.

He was brought to the attention of the readers on 2006-11-09, when he was critical of the Silver Ghost's actions when Brigand attacked the Daniels-McGregor Pharmaceuticals‏‎ stockholder meeting.

Right after that, he began airing challenges and clued sent by Madcap, ostensibly directed at the Ghost. He proceeded to continually suggest that if the Ghost didn't respond to the challenge it would be out of covardice.

Later on the same day, he was shown "interviewing" -- in an aggressive and insulting manner -- a docent at the University of Ohio's "Weird Science" exhibit, the likely target of Madcap. When Madcap appears, he ridicules her costume. He attempts, but fails, to push the Silver Ghost into a direct confrontation with Madcap. [1]

On 2006-11-13, he aired a call from Madcap herself, with a new riddle/challenge for the Silver Ghost. After Madcap attacked the Humanity First! Community Access room, he started pressuring H1! regarding the safety (or rather, the lack thereof) of their exhibits.[1]

On 2006-11-14, he aired a call from Madcap during her attack on SPECTRUM's Public Access Room and fight with Tawny.[1]

On 2006-11-21, he again aired one of Madcap's "riddles."[2]

On 2006-11-22, after the Silver Ghost's confrontation with the Knights of Purity, he took aim at the KoP and gave the Ghost some slack.[3]

By 2006-12-08, he was dedicating most of his time to the Angel of Hell's Kitchen.[4]

On 2006-12-10, Standish's producer was called by Jennifer, one of the people at the Cincinnati chapter of Evolution Rocks! to tip him about the Silver Ghost's visit to their offices.[4]

On 2006-12-14, Standish gets a tip (probably from Goldstar) about where the fake Madcap was likely to hit, and promptly starts airing it.[4]


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