Vincent Morse, code name Ringo, is a devisor specializing in computers but working on cars because it's the only way to get a car on campus.


Blue is the cyber-space alias of a Whateley student who talks with Merry, who is using the alias 'Arc'. Blue appears a fair amount of the time that Merry is in cyber-space. He's got a serious fascination for Tron.[1][2][3][4]

As mentioned below, there is good reason to believe that Blue is actually Ringo.


Sweetheart asks James to get Ringo's file for her. It says that "Ringo is a junior and he is not in [Sweetheart's] second period History class.” The request breaks up the relationship.[5]

Ringo and Hazard work the DJ booth during the Halloween dance.[6] Comments made during this indicate that Ringo is Blue, the Whateley student Merry has been meeting on the 'net.

Ringo is referenced or shown working in the Devisor Lab (Vehicle), or hanging out with other techs, in a number of stories.[7][8][9][10][11]

Kodiak mentions Ringo having created a program to wipe stuff from his laptop.[12]

Ringo gives some evidence at the Order of the Worn Wrench meeting to consider what to do about Tansy's attack on Greasy.[11]

The Don asks Ringo to undetectably trace all calls to his phone.[13]


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