Elena Neva Natividad Amicella Lucita Obregon, code name Riptide and nicknamed "Rip," is the fourth of six children from a couple who run a beachside shop in Redondo Beach, California.[1] She's a hydrokinetic, that is, she can control water, making it move in whatever way she desires.


Rip is a lithe, olive-skinned[2] Hispanic girl with classic ‘Aztec princess’ looks, set off by a strip of scarlet hair down the center of her head and large ice blue eyes. Being a lesbian, she was housed in Poe Cottage at Whateley, where she rooms with Bunny Cormick. When on the first day Bunny thanked Fey for freeing her from her own inventions with a decidedly non-sisterly kiss, Rip followed suit by claiming Chaka as her new girlfriend.[1] She's not happy that Chaka now also has a boyfriend.[3] Rip is a real motor-mouth, speaking with lots of run-on sentences. She has a California accent. She's an avid surfer.


Rip has "powers over water", including humidity control and forming clouds in mid-air, which is probably a specialized TK ability. This power almost got her lynched before coming to Whateley.[1] Bunny build for her a special disk-shaped platform which she can use to propel herself with water vapor, giving the appearance she is flying by "riding a cloud." It doesn't use any external power source, only Riptide's "wave power."[2]


She took part in the shopping trip to Boston, but ended up not taking part in the festivities with the Necromancer; being knocked out will do this to someone. But she was game, and got deputized.[4]

She's not invited to Boston the second time, not being needed to testify.

Unlike some, she had a boring Christmas vacation. She really doesn't mind.

Being deputized, she took part when Ayla's birthday party went south, capturing the thieves at the museum, and then having to fight the Lamplighter.[5]


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  • Poe cottage (room 2xx)
  • Redondo Beach, California, USA (see family)

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  • Unnamed father
  • Unnamed mother
  • Angela (older sister)
  • Ernesto (brother)
  • Three other unnamed siblings