Brandon Fellows, code name Risk.[1] He's a probability warper, teleporter and Exemplar, although he tells people he has a clairvoyant talent that let him do everything well a "not-quite-a-Paragon" thing. (see below).[1][2]

The following is probably seed information in the old Wiki from the canon bible as it existed in 2005. References are for confirming entries.

Brandon Fellows was the other boy hogging the pinball machine[3]. Like Flux, he was cheating, and he’s also a practical joking wiseguy. He is a Warper with the ability to teleport and to bend probabilities.[1] He is also a Level 3 Exemplar, and prefers to keep his probability warping powers a secret, saying that his real mutant power is a clairvoyant ability to do almost everything well.[2] This allows him to cheat, using his odds-bending powers more effectively. Brandon is strictly homosexual, but affects being attracted to girls, mostly out of habit.

End of seed information

Risk is part of the bookie ring.[4]

He's near the top of Rankings, the comparative listing of students.[5]


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