Robert Robespierre Renfield Ruthven Richelieu Ratcliffe Rose,[1] "Bob Rose" for short (he wants the code name Thorn, but it's taken) is a very high level manifestor specializing in ectoplasm. He's with the batch of new students for the Winter 2007 term.

Kerry’s first thought was that he looked like Willy Wonka. The Johnny Depp/ Tim Burton version, not the Gene Wilder version. He was short- or shortish- or at least he seemed short next to the towering aberration-, slender, and he had an androgynous, delicate, slightly fey beauty to him. To complete the absurdity, he was dressed in Edwardian clothing, complete with an ascot (not a tie, but an ascot), a brocade waistcoat, and a high silk hat.[2]


After that start, the kid's not going to be invisible, is he?

Thorn has apparently started a prank war with Beltane.[3]

He's mentioned as a possible backup in Team Kimba's strike against Peeper.[4]




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