The Robo-Jox (Robot-Jox, Robot-Joxs). These are the High-Tech guys & girls- one of their on-going projects is trying to build a working Giant Robot (Tiny Tim). They still can’t get the damn thing to walk! They also spend a lot of time tinkering around with garage built power armor.


  • Rack[1] Extremely short, built exoskeleton walker prior to coming to Whateley.

Class of 2007Edit

Class of 2008Edit

  • Mega-Death[2][3] (3M) (Harvey Hastings Calloway) Best-known Diedrick's Syndrome case on campus. Stuff blows up a lot.

Class of 2009Edit

  • Dynamaxx (2M) (Maximillian Dynsen) Iron Man as a devisor. Hits on any girl around. Big rivalry with all other members.
  • She-Bot (2F) Stunted limbs, metallic bionics. Extremely powerful, loves technology.

Class of 2010Edit

Class of 2011Edit

  • Synthesis (-1F) Hazard family; joins next year