Roland Atley, whose code name while he was at Whateley was Firefly, was the Undersecretary for the Department of Mutant and Paranormal Affairs until November 22, 2006, when he was promoted to Secretary on the suggestion of Tywyswyr to President George Bush.

“Roland Atley, forty three, separated, estranged wife Sharon thirty eight and daughter Marie seventeen. You graduated, College of William and Mary 1985 with a bachelor’s degree in political science, fifteenth in class and member, National Honors Society. High School, Whateley Academy, class of 1981, Class One Exemplar, Class One Energizer, code name there, Firefly, class secretary and treasurer. No MID on file…”[1]

He and what seems to be his wife, Sharon, had separated for unmentioned reasons, as of some time in July 2005 or 2006 depending on which July, "last July" means. Tywyswyr got them some "relationship counseling". No information on its effectiveness has been revealed.[1]

Roland Atley was present at a meeting between Lord Paramount, General Marvin Maxwell, the Vice President and "a couple of scientists from DARPA and even more secretive think tanks that didn't have names and the heads of the House and Senate Armed Forces Committees." At the occasion, he was described as "a bureaucrat from the Department of Paranormal affairs who had been someone’s star quarterback a few years back, but had let himself go."[2]

He also gets involved with Heyoka's murder, and Kayda's defense after ADA Hervik requests a review from the DPA's senior lawyers.[3]


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