Rosethorn by Elaborate

Rosethorn (Romeo LaClavar) is the son of adventuress (some would call her "supervillainess") Lilith. He is a high-level Exemplar and a powerful Package Deal Psychic, and one of the Bad Seeds.


Romeo is a very tall and amazingly beautiful young man. Not "handsome," but "beautiful" -- to the point that he claims it interferes in his love life, because girls don't like not being the "pretty one" in the relationship. He has beautiful, long, red hair falling to his shoulders, perfect skin, a thin and straight nose and pearly teeth. Even his movements are graceful.[1]


Romeo has some difficulties relating to his mother, who looks far too young to have a teenage son and dresses and acts more like a, well, a slut than a mother. With his looks, one would expect him to be a womanizer, while he is nothing of the sort. In fact, he is a romantic. He will often invest considerable time and effort on an "ugly duckling" only to be crushed when she dumps him after he helps her to find her "inner swan." Looking at his pretty, delicate features, graceful movements and polite manners, one would be surprised at the intensity of the rages he's capable of. When excited, sometimes he curses in French.[2]


Rosethorn is a strong exemplar, with enhanced reflexes, strength and resilience. He's a very effective fighter when he puts his heart in it. Being a strong PDP only makes him a harder adversary to beat. He has a psi knack that's particularly effective against women, a "Rapture" attack where he overwhelms them with his presence, manliness, beauty and utter perfection -- making them so glad to be near him that they forget to fight.[2]



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