Roulette (Amy Maguire, born Austin Maguire) is the daughter (formerly son) of Boom Job. She is a Shifter that has 5 different forms that all look alike, but each has different powers.[1]

She may have PTSD, in no small part due to an encounter with a neighbor's cat while under the effects of a shrink ray accident.[2][3]



When she initially manifested, her eyes were purple, but her hair was still her original brown, until July 30th, 2007, when her hair turned purple.[4]

She says "Most people would probably describe me as looking like the hot girl next door. That is, if the girl next door happened to have purple hair and eyes."[2]


Shifter - She does not actually change shape visibly, but each day, at random, she wakes up with one of the following different power sets:

  • Wizard - "either a high wiz two or a low wiz three."[5]
  • Devisor - "on the lower end of the devisor spectrum."[5]
  • Package Deal Psychic - Telekinetic level 2 limited to twenty pounds with a ten yard maximum range, weak telepath (able to hear people's surface thoughts by physical touch) and ESPer (small increase to the awareness of the surroundings)[5]
  • Energizer level 1, ambient electromagnetic energy
  • Exemplar exemplar 3, able to lift 400 lbs, gifted with enhanced senses,[4] and a Regen 3[1]


  • Various Floating Spheres
  • Small Silver Disk For Essence Gathering
  • Rail gun
  • Needle gun
  • Ricochet grenade
  • Mode shifter
  • Coil gun


Fall 2007Edit


Portland, OregonEdit

Family & Long-time FriendsEdit

  • Boom Job - mother
  • Statuesque - mother's high school buddy
  • Kara - girlfriend, Statuesque's niece.
  • Mrs. Lawrence - neighbor who owns her own catering business and gave Austin/Amy cooking lessons.[4]
  • Witchling - Seattle super who supervised Roulette's powers testing.[5] She's given Amy some basic lessons in magic.[5][2] and sent her an essence battery. [6]



Group AffiliationsEdit


  • Powers Testing department (campus job)[3]

Personal EnemiesEdit


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