Roulette 2, is the story of Roulette’s Thanksgiving vacation. It was released on 2018-11-13. It runs from 2007-11-21 to 2007-11-25. It follows from A Little R&R 3, but the previous Roulette-focused story, is Roulette (story).



Amy heads home for Thanksgiving. She’s met by her mother, her aunt Beth and her girlfriend Kara.


Amy, Beth and Kara are downtown doing last-minute shopping when Statuesque gets a call and has to hurry off. Then they’re accosted by a girl who is acting like she’s part of a street gang. Then Amy cooks Thanksgiving dinner.


Kara drags Amy shopping for a new game console on Black Friday. The line goes halfway around the block, and they’re out of product before they even get into the store. Then they run into the super-powered teen street gang, who introduces themselves as the Power Patrol. Amy finally drives them off with one of her mother’s devises.


Today, Roulette is a devisor. She spends the morning in the lab, building her latest project, which is a coil gun. She shows it to her mother, and then leaves to get breakfast and dress. They run into the Power Patrol again. This time the fight ends when Amy has a burnout. Then they’re attacked by Bombastic. More fighting, which ends when Statuesque and Zero G arrive. The Power Patrol run off, and Bombastic is taken into custody - eventually.


Amy arrives back at Whateley. Then she takes the hastily-called “How to deal with the MCO” seminar.


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