Run rabbit, run is the origin story for Inaba, by Rose Bunny. It was released on July 6th 2020. It covers 2007[1], setting Inaba up to be in the 2007-2008 Whateley Academic Year.


The whole story is set in Minnesota.

Rose Lindevall, a ward of the state, escapes from a Minneapolis hospital on Valentine's Day, 2007-02-14, due the lax security on that day, and wanting to decide for herself how to spend her last days with cancer, and goes camping.

She camps from sometime around February 2007, up to July 06, 2007.

In the evening of that day, she stumbles upon Inaba (Spirit), who reveals that Rose is an mutant, and more specifically, an Avatar, and offers to bond with her to cure her cancer and activate her other mutant traits.

Rose accepts, and then falls asleep.

The next day, not stated as "July seventh" until later, Inaba informs Rose that they have to get somewhere safe, so Inaba manage Rose's manifestation so it doesn't kill her by taking energy she doesn't have.

They get to a ranger station, then Rose blacks out.

When she wakes, she's in a hospital, with Dr. Stevens attending to her, and is eventually informed that:

“you were brought in by emergency airlift on July seventh, it is now August Fifteenth.”

The doctor brings in Carrie Running Elk, codename, "Caribou". Who is appointed as Rose's "acting legal guardian" as part of her team, the Duluth Superiors, having Rose placed in their protective custody.

She takes Rose to buy some new clothes, paid for by being "tax deductible as a charitable expense".

Then they go home to the Mansion, talk a bit, Rose spends some time relaxing, living in the mansion, and communing with her spirit.

Eventually, Carrie takes Rose to get her mutant traits tested. Rose picks out the codename, "Inaba".

(More story to summarize...)



  • Borealis: Former member of the Duluth Superiors, and part-time magic tester. "He left for the Twin Cities.”
  • Salvador Navarro: Presumably Isobel Navarro's husband and father of their daughter.
  • Some "devisor in Cleveland who specialized in unusual optical devises."
  • Twin Cities Overseers:
    • Swan Song: Former member of the Twin Cities Overseers. Deceased.
  • Hydroica: A mage looking to acquire the Mississippi River Spirit by providing a host, and controlling the host. Deceased while her plan didn't do as she hoped.
  • Unnamed Avatar girl used by Hydroica. Deceased.
  • Unnamed ancestor of Carrie Running Elk.
  • Adik: "the guardian spirit of the caribou" of the Ojibwe peoples.
  • Doctor Flintlock: Apparently minor supervillain. Tried to hijack a taconite freighter.


  1. Word of God from Rose Bunny on Discord via Malady
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