Staff Sgt. Ryan Wilson (ret) (no code name known) is an Exemplar 6 and one of the range crew. He teaches small arms, including the mandatory weapons safety course before anyone is allowed on the ranges, and also specialty courses.[1]



He's part of the group that assesses special conditions for the Combat Finals.[2]

He does the orientation tour for the new students in the Winter 2007 term.[3]

He tries to coerce Phase into doing her sim session on 2007-03-08.[4]


This information was prompted by "Wilson ‘bout clocked Roland Williams in the teacher’s lounge." after Wilson learned that Williams' reaction to Imp being considered for Art History teacher, "used the words, ‘GSD freak villain’".[5]

Wilson was a fast-track case in the Army until his baby sister had come up GSD and been forced to become a villainess, then an inmate at a juvenile mutant corrections facility, in order to be able to have shelter and be fed. The girl would be turning Twenty-Three this year having been released the year before he’d quit the army.
Wilson’s career had been stalled because of it and because he was now acting as her guardian while she hid out in the Village, doing odd jobs for the staff. As a result, he tended to have nasty responses to those who picked on the GSD within his line of sight. It was a little-known fact amongst the student body that Erik Mahren was actually the nicest of the range hands, to the rest of the staff, when provoked.[5]

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